C Squared Team Jumping into the Swing of Summer

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The C Squared team is excited to take advantage of the upcoming summer months and live out “work hard, play hard” to the fullest. Want to learn more about what each of us will be up to?

Brenda Collons – This summer marks the end of school lunches, dances, swim practices, late nights doing homework, friends invading the kitchen/refrigerator, and loads of laundry (hand wash mostly). My youngest is heading off to college, The University of Texas at Austin, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Now, both of my daughters are in college and out of the house. So, I’ll be spending the summer getting ready to send one out of state and the other to finish up her last two years of college in state. I will be cherishing the last summer league swim meets with the kids and families that have been part of “summer as I know it” for so many years. However, I do look forward to the future as an “empty nester.”

Heather Crunchie – Hiking, kayaking, freediving, camping, monarch rearing, and exploring our beautiful National Parks: Crater Lake & the Redwoods!

Kelly Collins – I will be traveling with my family this summer to watch and escort my 15-year-old son as he plays lacrosse for Seattle Starz, West Coast Starz and The Classics in several tournaments in Philadelphia PA, Newark DE, Baltimore MD area and Bend OR. Between these tournaments we hope to see a little bit of Washington DC, Colonial Williamsburg and East Coast college campuses.

Grace Carlson – I love to ride “Cascadia Blue” anywhere there are views of the Olympic mountain range &/or Puget Sound. This summer, at the end of a busy work day, I look forward to riding my bike from the C Squared office in downtown to Seattle to the water taxi to West Seattle where I can ride along the waterfront to Alki Beach for relaxing meditation to unwind and get centered.

Sabrina Peters – Enjoying summer as a new mom and hanging in the sunshine with George!

Drew Cardillo – In August, I will be taking my first trip to Asia with a visit to Taiwan!

Theresa Beauchene – We will be celebrating my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary at the end of June! Family will be coming from four states for a weekend of memories, fun, and champagne toasts.

Dani Crino – I’ll be enjoying the hiking trails of the Pacific Northwest as much as I can this summer, with goals to hike to 20 waterfalls (7/20 this season so far) and to visit all 7 Wonders of Oregon. I’ll also be heading home to Buffalo for some quality family time for 4th of July.

What are you up to this summer? We’d love to hear your plans in the comments below.

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