Heather Crunchie   Principal

Heather bio 2

My other passion: Kicking around in the ocean
Hidden talent: I can hold my breath for 3 1/2 minutes
Fueled by: A nice cuppa, with a large side of water


Heather’s nearly two decades of expertise implementing custom marketing programs within the building industry includes perspectives from both the manufacturer and agency sides of the aisle. Her diverse portfolio ranges from creating an award-winning, interactive walk-through forest trade show exhibit for Willamette Industries to developing a series of educational videos for Ainsworth Engineered that resulted in record-breaking click-through rates. Her concentrated focus on clients’ goals and strategies always begins with asking the tough questions like “Yes, but what’s the objective?” Her well-calculated approach draws on established marketing tactics and new technologies to help clients achieve those core objectives and deliver optimal ROI. Along with her deeply rooted passion for building materials, particularly wood products, Heather keeps us entertained with an extensive vocabulary of hip British slang, whether she’s “popping out for brekkie” or staying in because it’s “chucking buckets.”

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