Kelly Collins    Account Manager

My other passion: I adore and love shoes, boots, and eyeglasses and will never have enough. The funkier the better!
Hidden talent: I make the best canned pickles.
Fueled by: Vitamin B12, Kombucha and coffee and a dollop of Seattle-made Ellenos yogurt.


Kelly has a great breadth and depth of agency experience. She started with Nabisco, sold media for Infinity Promotions Group (Viacom) and spent nine years at Tracy Locke, an Omnicom Group of agencies. While at Tracy Locke, Kelly worked on Pepsi-Cola, working with the corporate client in the NW division where she sold-in national and regional marketing programs to bottlers (distributors), retailers and consumers. She has also worked on “urban” multi-cultural marketing as well. Before joining C Squared, she spent time as a freelance marketing consultant with Starbucks-Pepsi Joint Venture, managing field marketing for Frappaccino, Refreshers, DoubleShot and SBC Iced Latte varieties developing customer programming rooted in brand, consumer, shopper and retailer insights. 

Kelly is originally from Michigan, which you’ll notice from her mid-west “accent,” but has been in Seattle for more than 20 years. She graduated from Bowling Green State University and just recently, went back to school to garner her master’s degree. She has two boys, who have crazy sports schedules. 

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