Theresa Beauchene   Marketing Executive

Theresa bio 2

My other passion: Grammar
Hidden talent: Creating the perfect soundtrack for road trips
Fueled by: There’s a reason Starbucks knows my name


Theresa, our “chief of everything” (translation: managing our agency operations and bookkeeping), can handle pretty much anything we throw at her with grace and ease (and believe us, we throw a lot at her). She assists with compiling our clients’ press coverage, developing competitive spending reports, and anything else that requires meticulous attention to detail. A University of Oregon graduate with a master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College, Theresa spent several years teaching English and history to our youth before she took a long-term hiatus to raise her own children. Her re-entry into the marketing world has made a world of difference for us. We’re lucky to have such a hardworking and talented addition to our team.

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